If it’s looking a little thin on the ground on this page that’s because I have just self-published my first book of poetry and all the poems I declared to be the “good ones” have gone off to live another life in a collection. You can buy Strange Times here on Amazon, or here at Waterstones. A Kindle version is on its way.

The Next Time


The Cruellest Kind

Fuck It!

Scaredy Cats

Snuggled in Blankets

Under the Influence

Cheap Therapy

A February Haiku Diary

Facebook Rage

The Last Time

The Team

The Mr Darcy Fallacy



The Smell Of Catastrophe

A Great Kindness (a.k.a. Dear Bastard)

Just a Postcard to Say

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

The Violinist

The Roofers

On The Subject Of Poo


Changed For The Gym