Under the Influence

When the world went to hell

It felt like a good time

Not to be lonely

To reach out

Across the social distance

For a kindred spirit

To sit with

And watch the world turn

But when I held out my hand

There was nothing

Of what I imagined

You were just-

Entertaining yourself

With the game you played

Felt good, did it?

To have my weary mind

In your hands

And did it feel as foolish

As I feel now

That being said

I’m not ashamed

Just annoyed

Writing on the wall

Chalking this one up

To stupidity

And loneliness

And I’ll just wait

Until the world is right again

When I have

The full range of options

Available, once more

And not only

The dregs of humanity

For company

Please, excuse me

For liking you

I was under the influence

Of a global pandemic


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