Short Stories

I write short stories, sometimes they’re based on original ideas, sometimes they’re inspired by three words I might request from a friend, and some are written for competitions. I’ve recently self-published a book of short ghost stories, which you can find here on Amazon.

You can also read through my archive below. To help you along the way I’ve added a short synopsis for each story. The lengths vary but each read will take you less than twenty minutes, if that makes them more tempting.

The Visiting Wall: A very short fantasy about life after death.

The Redemption of the Wicked Weasel: A rhyming fable about a wicked weasel, possessed by a ghost.

Impossible Things: A very short fantasy about life.

Knock, Knock: A woman is scared by noises in the night.

His Own Private Public: A very short fantasy about a kidnapped block of flats.

In The Darkness: A “ghost story” about a woman haunting the past.

On Christmas Hill: A short Christmas story inspired by Christmas Hill in Hampshire.

The Never House: A woman feels a connection with a house that cannot be found.

When The Night Comes: A story about finding power and dignity in death.

Sunday Rain: A young woman ponders heartbreak in a rainy graveyard.

Captain Christmas (The Happy Endings Series): A scared woman searches an empty house for her missing girlfriend.

Cactus Boy (The Happy Endings Series): A bored woman in search of some freedom finds some light relief.

Escape (The Happy Endings Series): A down on his luck jobhunter finds magic in the corner of his local park.

Conker: A woman who feels lost in the world finds hope under a horse chestnut tree in Bletchley Park.

Somewhere To Stretch: A lonely octopus longs for connection.

All The Stars He Could Not See: A lonely astronomer finds solace in the night sky.

A Purple Haze: A student contemplates the loneliness of being overlooked.

Hufvin Ya: A woman working in a ice cream parlour remembers a lost moment.

A Big Cat: A domestic cat seeks adventures in the city of London.

A Groundhog Birthday Wish: Groundhog Day imagined from the groundhog’s point of view.

Tiny Pencils: A historic black comedy about a money lender and an inventor.

Imagine, Power and Pain: A man fails to impress the girl at the gym.

Unfortunately Me: A witch is stranded above the ocean on her way to the annual taxing of magic.

Soft: A story told from the perspective of an orphaned wallaby.

In Her Blood: A thriller about a scientist who discovers a mysterious cure.

The Smackdown: A comedy about a woman who gets to see the funny side of being rejected.

Beneath All Of This: A man & a woman find an unlikely connection. Ongoing story told as multiple shorts.

The Mirror, Malcolm & Me: A man at the end of a relationship finds wisdom in a visit to A&E.

The Butt Of The Joke: A comedy about a woman who gets the last laugh.

The Golden Retriever And The Robot: A passive aggressive, odd piece about feeling too much or feeling too little.

No Noises Left: A story about a bereaved man who finds a way to say goodbye.

Fixing Things: A story about a man looking for a way to bring his wife back.

The Girl On The Train: A man contemplates a girl on the train.

The Amateur Astronomer’s Findings: A story about an amateur astronomer looking for love.

When The Soufflé Exploded: A woman calls an end to her bad relationship.

The Would-Be Physicist: A young girl dreaming of something greater finds inspiration in a physicist.

A Parrot In The Orkneys: An old woman is brought back to a previous life by an escaped parrot.

The Giraffe, Danny, and Me: My first short story, written for a competition held by the author Danny Wallace, and which I’m very fond of.