Art Projects

Aside from film I like to learn new skills and make things. So I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything. From pencil drawings, to pinhole photography, to some pretty nifty pumpkin carving. Below is a collection of some of the stuff I’ve made:

31 Day Project: For August 2013 I decided to challenge myself by creating something every day for a month, these are the products.

Art Miscellany: Just a random assortment of some of the art projects I’ve done that don’t really have a home on the other pages, but which I didn’t want to hide away.

Caerphilly Pinhole Project: I live in Caerphilly, South Wales. We have an enormous concentric castle and I spent close to a year working my way around taking pinhole photographs. Here is a collection of the best.

Garden Pinhole Project: The thing about pinhole photographs is that sunlight is your friend. My family are keen on their gardening so I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with the light and textures in their gardens.

It Won’t Be Soon Before Long: A while after I got into pencil drawing I became quite keen on creating vinyl cover like images inspired by songs I’d learnt. And for some reason an album I really got inspiration from was Maroon 5’s ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’, here are the results.

I also have a few media projects stretching across the internet which you can take a look at here.

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