Fuck It!

So, yeah

I wasn’t your type

It seems

In the short skirt

With the knee high boots

And the fish net tights

Trying to be sexy

And failing, dramatically


But then

I was just one of the guys

That’s annoying

In my low cut top

My jeans

Attempting to be me

Smart & witty

Being an idiot, instead


Oh, I got the wrong idea

That’s what you said

I get it, did I?

In my smart casual

With my work ethic

My over the top aloof

What a doof.

And my ‘Oh Contraire!’


So now

Fuck it!

I will lounge around

Being stupid

Smart, weird

Brilliantly braless

In my pyjama bottoms

And men’s jumpers


I guess you were all too much

Like hard work

But it’s okay

I’ve already made plans

To go out

Alone! Snug in my skin

You may come around if you like

But fuck knows if I’ll be in

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