The Cruellest Kind

Fuck you!

For thinking that what I needed

Was a healthy dose of criticism

You seem to have mistaken me

And my kindness

But this silence, you observe

Isn’t out of weakness

It’s just my normal shocked reaction

To people who say mean things

In a kind way

That is to say, you’ve confused me

And confused Me! for being so kind

That I will accept these cruel words

Which is apparently good advice

When we both know

You just want to feel powerful

Knowing they’ll be no rebuke

Should you hit to hard

I suppose they do say that bullies

Like to put people down

To make themselves feel better

And I guess that’s all

You’ve ever been, will ever be

So I’ll say thank you, for pissing on this

The dying embers of our friendship

Now I can save all this energy

I was wasting

On trying to like you

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