The Night the Men Went Away

The night the men went away
Was warmed by the hot summer of the day
So the women stayed out, late, in bars
Leaving their drinks uncovered
While overheated barmaids worked in crowds
Dressed in their most revealing clothes
Cool, and unconcerned

Though, most women didn’t stay out
In fact, they delighted
In staying home
Relaxing in the quiet safety
They never thought they’d feel
Some left their doors unlocked
Even open, to ease the pressure inside

There were those ambitious few
Who stayed at work, late
Having meetings, into the night
Finalising projects as quickly as they could
Before their ideas could be dismissed
Revelling in the rush, they smiled
At each other, from their desks

Even those with partners
Boyfriends, husbands, sons
Sacrificed gratefully, for this one night
And the chance to pull on their shorts
To go running
Down the darkest of streets
Unafraid, music blasting through headphones

And me? I went out
Into the local park
Where I took off my clothes
And lay on the grass, naked
Letting the warmth of the earth
Flow through me
So nature could heal, my worried mind

My body relaxed, and my mind opened
I gazed into the darkness
And picked out the stars
Dreaming up the possibilities
Wondering, if the aliens
Might visit us now
They could see what we were made of

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