Speckled With Sunlight

Life has been a long grey line
For quite some time
A thick, graphite smudge
Slick with sickness
Worries over words, and rules
For some of us more than others
For me, more than you
The rule-breakers
With your furlough
The unnecessary car journeys
To park outside my home
As I walked into work
Each step, steeped with bitterness
It has been so trying, and I’m tired
Of all the stories I know
So much worse, than either of our own
I pretend it is the future
And I have forgotten, all this

I imagine myself
Stepping out, of this life
And onto a path, into the woods
Where the green leaves, of the trees
Will wave in greeting
I’ve been gone for too long
They will whisper in my ear
As the earth pulls me close
And I nestle on the forest floor
Where the sun will find me
Speckling me with golden light
Bringing me back to life
When I wake, I will write
A bright beginning
In my long, looping, handwriting
With a banana coloured fountain pen
Filled with ink
The colour of sunsets

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