When was it
That I gave
This influence over me
To you?

Powers given, for
How I acted
How I dressed
How I am?

Mute control
I appear to have handed freely
Taking on self-perpetuated ideas
Of the person I should be

I don’t know if
It was when I decided on you
Or when you decided
Against me.

But something was lost
And something was given
A part of myself
Gone rogue

I wonder now
Why I have given so much
Of all this

To the Heavy Drinker
Heavy Smoker
Heavy Gamer


You Would Not Be
For Me
At All.

How did I fool myself
Into thinking
You were more
Than this?

The me, past, gone
Will take this back
So we may all carry on

Sorry, if you got the wrong idea
And mistook this
For being something
You thought you deserved.


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