Hope, is the rope

That hangs down the well

Dangling in the darkness

Like a cat’s toy

It swings, inviting you in

Begging you to hold it

Tightly, grip it in your hands

Are you strong, enough

To pull yourself up

Out, of what you’ve known

Do you want to see

Where the glowing line will lead you

Knowing, that you will never know

How long the journey will take

The length in this piece of string


I wish I could tell you

I’ve been climbing for so long

This rope has robbed me

Ripped from my hands

The strength I thought I had

Though maybe I feel it, the sun

Sneaking across my shoulders

Straining against the ache, the weight

Of my life, in my hands

Thinking I might not make it

But I’m not afraid

I’ve been here before

I think, that even if I fall

I have climbed this far

And I can do it, all over again

1 Comment

  1. Julia, this poem brought me to tears – in a good way. It truly moved me. Thank you for your beautiful and positive words. There have been times in my life that I have felt truly hopeless, but have found the courage to keep going.
    We all need hope and your poem is so encouraging.
    Thank you xx

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