A February Haiku Diary

Monday 1st

It is your birthday

I should not remember that

But I always do


Tuesday 2nd

Groundhog Day, again

Like every day in Lockdown

Time to make a change


Wednesday 3rd

So much pressure on

Work. Back. Stomach. Mind. This life

I want some relief


Thursday 4th

Hail to the carpet

On which we have weaved our bonds

I hope they stay strong


Friday 5th

Forgotten bike locks

Memories of workers gone

Their lives locked away


Saturday 6th

I dreamt about you

And you were always trouble

My favourite kind


Sunday 7th

A body in bits

My daft collection of pains

I should climb less walls


Monday 8th

Trying to feed birds

While contending with squirrels

The magpies are worse


Tuesday 9th

Haiku, a day late

Back pain disrupts creation

I already knew


Wednesday 10th

It was wrong of you

To now turn up in my dreams

Please be forgotten


Thursday 11th

What a cold wind blows

This is all so exhausting

This winter is long


Friday 12th

So much chocolate

But this cold weather cries out

For dopamine highs


Saturday 13th

Being so grown up

Why is there so much to do?

I should stay in bed


Sunday 14th

Valentine’s Day gloom

This long walk and chocolate

I am content now


Monday 15th

Those bad memories

Find footing in my nightmares

Soon I will forget


Tuesday 16th

Long are these dark days

Neverending nothingness

All tunnels have ends


Wednesday 17th

Where did those men go?

I was hopeful in the start

Grabbing at romance


Thursday 18th

There is much given

So much is taken away

Who am I, again?


Friday 19th

An aching body

Sucks on the heart of your hope

Leaving you empty


Saturday 20th

Anxiety breeds

Filling all the bright spaces

Where my words should grow


Sunday 21st

Sat on the pavement

Forgotten four pints of milk

People can be strange


Monday 22nd

A Monday morning

The devil reminding us

Of our sacrifice


Tuesday 23rd

Tuesday Afternoon

Is for watching old movies

Nostalgia says so


Wednesday 24th

But is it so sad

To leave behind that something

You never wanted


Thursday 25th

Goodbye to all this

Memories to be tossed out

Friendships to be kept


Friday 26th

Sitting will kill you

But standing will hurt your feet

It is a fair trade


Saturday 27th

I walked very far

The clay still stuck to my boots

To make tiny pots


Sunday 28th

People are stupid

In the warmth of the sunshine

They don’t know the rules

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