Changed For The Gym

There must be changing rooms at the gym
I think
To myself
As she walks through the office
Bag held high

Why would you not change there?
That’s what people do there, right?
Change back again

Maybe she is in some hurry
She is a busy lady
She cannot change
At the gym

But there is no rush
That I can see
No one to meet
Who may have already changed
For the gym

Which leaves only one explanation
She does not need to change for the gym
She needs to see us
See her
Changed for the gym

Tight body
Tight fabrics
Tight sense of humour
The kind of person who needs to be seen
To be going to the gym

Do I look like your audience?
Bigger clothes they may be
I don’t sweat how I am seen
Size 16 knickers on my bum
But I believe you are the bigger ass.

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