The Rower

The Rower Rolls down The River Taff Untethered, unmoored Free from lines drawn In sands Set by the Covid creed … More


And years from now I’m meet a non smoker Who won’t drink too much Without his face buried in a … More

The Cruellest Kind

Fuck you! For thinking that what I needed Was a healthy dose of criticism You seem to have mistaken me … More

Fuck It!

So, yeah I wasn’t your type It seems In the short skirt With the knee high boots And the fish … More

Paper Cuts

I wonder If all the boys I’ve ever known Will recognise themselves Thinly veiled In these words Built on the … More

Scaredy Cats

I fall in love with scaredy cats Who stare, in silence From across the room Just watching me And I … More

Snuggled in Blankets

If I could turn off the world I should be happy Snuggled in blankets In my bed, in my room … More

Under the Influence

When the world went to hell It felt like a good time Not to be lonely To reach out Across … More

Forgotten Faces

I have forgotten The faces On which I built Great Fantasies Out of something daft Hopeful thoughts About men Who … More

Cheap Therapy

Forgotten something What was it? My low self-esteem Dropped At the door To my hotel room I am Naked now … More