Well, it’s about time

So, it’s been a while… Not that you might have noticed. I only sort of noticed. Somewhere between writing for Film Inquiry, getting back to writing scripts for the first time in a decade, my sciatica (yep, that’s still here) and my starting a full time job in November… well, I kind of forgot about this blog site. Which isn’t a big deal, I know, I mean plenty of other writing going on, right? Not like anyone’s watching me on here anyway. But now, since I’ve got my life under control, I’ve been thinking about how much I just wanted to write for the hell of it. Not necessarily blogs, but maybe stories. Or maybe just one story.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of the time I make up stories for my own amusement. Any script that I write is always quite serious and philosophical and to be honest there’s usually a dead person/ghost/hallucination to contend with. I still enjoy writing them, it’s fun, but I’m not sure they would be films I’d watch it all the time. The stories I make up for my own amusement I guess are feel good, entertaining stories. Like when I write the 3-word stories, it’s all about the fun.

I have this story I’ve been adding pieces to for a while, wondering whether it’s a story or a script. I’ve never written anything down about it, it’s just all up here. But now I’ve decided to start writing it down, for a couple of reasons. One, because it’s fun, no pressure, just a story (and there are no existentialist questions in it, at least at the moment). Two, I like writing for people, even if no one’s reading. Which I know sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Writing and just putting it out there, even if people don’t like it, it feels good. Three, well, I’d like to have a bit more discipline about my writing. Which feels strange to say, I mean I write a lot already, but I’d like to have something to make me run to the computer to want to do it. And I think Tess and Toby might be it.

Those are my characters; Tess and Toby. The story is called ‘Beneath All Of This’, because I thought the old title was a bit pants I just thought this one up the other day. It’s not a comedy, but it’s not very dark either, although a lot of bad shit has happened before the story starts. I guess it’s a drama, but a romantic one too. It’s very much a crowd pleaser, that’s kind of why I want to share it. I’ll be publishing parts on the blog here every Monday and Friday, I know it’s silly to put deadlines on to something I’ve just said I wanted to do for fun. But like I say, I’d like to create some sort of discipline. I don’t know how long I might write about Tess and Toby for, I’ll see how I go. And if you’d like to read along, I’d love to have you.

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