Beneath All Of This #14

Tess dumped the foot high pile of documents on Tobias Sinclair’s desk with an almighty and satisfying bump. In the … More

Beneath All Of This #12

Tess had been sitting at that desk for a small eternity when someone passing shoved a pre-packaged salad under her … More

Beneath All Of This #11

It was Monday morning, Tess felt like she should be more nervous, but she wasn’t. She wondered if she’d just … More

Beneath All Of This #10

It was Friday afternoon. Tess had spent a couple of days of calm and quiet hidden among the filing cabinets … More

Beneath All Of This #9

It was Tuesday afternoon, again, but Tess didn’t mind. She was in the uncomfortably cold filing cabinet room of yet … More

Beneath All Of This #8

It was late Sunday afternoon, Tess hated Sunday afternoons, but most people did she would eventually learn. There was this … More

Beneath All Of This #7

Tess was counting down the minutes until she left the graphics company. Things had been weird the past couple of … More

Beneath All Of This #6

Tess had made her mind up about Sam, or so she’d thought. She always took the sensible decision that immediately … More

Beneath All Of This #5

Tess had always hated Tuesday afternoons. There was always this strange, unfathomable calm about them that suggested something bad was … More