The Golden Retriever & The Robot

There was once a golden retriever. It was bright and bouncy. It liked to meet new people and it liked to play. One day the golden retriever met a robot. The robot moved slowly and talked little. The golden retriever liked the robot and one day began to ask the robot to play with it.

At first the golden retriever and the robot got along. Then one day the golden retriever thought it maybe liked the robot more than originally thought. It also thought that maybe the robot liked it to. For a while, them being together seemed like great fun and when the robot was away the golden retriever missed it terribly. It was always happy to see it again.

Then one day the golden retriever wanted the robot to play more, and more, all the time. But the robot didn’t like this idea. The golden retriever became mad and began to bark. As it started to bark so the robot shouted back. So the golden retriever turned its back on the robot.

But the golden retriever, being a optimistic sort of dog, came back to the robot to play again. For a while things were okay. Until one day, the golden retriever got mad again. Why didn’t the robot want to play? It got madder and madder, then one day it bit the robot. The robot wasn’t mad, but the golden retriever was. Mad at itself for wanting to play with the robot, who it seemed didn’t care.

When they’d calmed down, the golden retriever began to feel guilty about what it had done. It tried hard to seem nice in the robot’s eyes again, and it seemed like the robot was trying too. Though, in the end, the golden retriever realised that nothing had changed, and it could never get the robot to play with it ever, not really, not like it wanted.

So came the day that the golden retriever decided that maybe the robot didn’t want to play with it, didn’t care in fact, either way. Which, somehow, was much worse. So the golden retriever decided to stop asking to play. Which hurt, but it was for the best.

Though just as he golden retriever was considering the best way to do this, the robot seemed to want to play again. Then just as abruptly as it seemed to be interested, the interest disappeared. And things returned to how they had always been.

The golden retriever restrained itself from pissing on the robot’s leg and allowing it to rust. Because the golden retriever was optimistic to a fault and wouldn’t wish ill will on anyone, not even a robot. So the golden retriever decided to just stay strong and play with its toys until the day it wouldn’t have to see the robot anymore.

You see, the robot was clearly on the autism spectrum and the golden retriever, occupying its own place further down the spectrum, didn’t have the energy to waste on this bullshit anymore.


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