The Last Train

She had not wanted to go home. Going home was to face something, to hide it, to lie about it. … More


The world was muffled, as though someone had drawn her thick woollen hat down around her ears. She pressed her … More


Their hiking boots bumped awkwardly under the pub table. She pulled away. He sighed softly. “What are we doing?” She … More

Not Long Now

Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine. Olwen counted her steps along the coastal path. In the corner of her eye she noticed as … More


She walked out of the water. The wind whipped the warning flags. Though she did not feel it. The sun … More

The Visiting Wall

He went to visit at the wall. Through the great, glass screen the water reached into the great beyond. In … More

Impossible Things

Somewhere high above and far away, the onlookers, the keepers of life, keep an eye on our game. In their … More

Knock, Knock

There was a knock at the door. At the sound of it, her heart halted in her chest. It was … More