In The Darkness

She believed it was only a twig, caught on the bell of her bike, which made a ring that ran … More

The Station Inn

The cold clung; it infested his fingers and found its way into the heart of him. He pushed his spare … More

On Christmas Hill

Deep in the South of England, high above the city of Winchester stands Christmas Hill. Here a few forgotten trees … More

The Never House

She went to buy a house, sight unseen. A silly thought, but she was seized by an impulse. Drawn to … More

When The Night Comes

The cold bit into her fingertips. She squeezed her hands into fists and pushed them deep into her coat pockets. … More

Captain Christmas

The back door was open, that was the first thing she noticed as she walked into her girlfriend’s garden. No … More

Cactus Boy

It was supposed to have been paradise. Two weeks of heroic, independent holidaying in some sunny paradise. That’s all she … More


His body flushed with a familiar wave; heat, stress, his hackles rising in response to some unseen foe. He hadn’t … More


I moved up here about four months ago I think, to a place just outside Cambridge. I’ve never lived far … More

Somewhere To Stretch

Charlie stared out at the gloom; all low lights, aquatic greens and blues. She imagined it was supposed to look … More