The Art Assignment #1: Meet in the Middle

A few months ago ‘The Art Assignment’ began on YouTube. And I’ve been joining in on every project. Recently it occurred to me that all my projects are scattered around my different social media accounts and I really wanted to situate them all in one spot. So here they are, starting with the ‘Meet in the Middle’ project. If you’d like to watch the original project proposal you can see it here:

I decided to do the project with my friend Rachel. It ended up turning into a bit of a stressful moment in my artistic life, but I got a lot out of the experience. My video will tell you the rest:

It turned out, as usual, that I’d filmed far too much. But, inevitably, I really couldn’t bear to delete the extra footage. Whatismore I found it kind of fun and wanted to share it with everyone. You can watch that here:

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