It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

When I first started drawing I was quite fixated on drawing images I summoned up from listening to music. Or, more importantly, I became fixated on drawing images I summoned up from listening to the Maroon 5 album ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’. It was very easy to imagine the stories behind the songs and I think I linked them to experiences in my own life, so I guess I became quite attached. I created a series of small drawings, which I eventually re-drew on a larger scale. I was quite proud of them at the time. But my interest in Maroon 5 eventually wore off, and I was led to believe, by a few people, that these drawings weren’t very special or of any significance. Not because they didn’t like my artwork but because the idea of making drawings based on Maroon 5 songs is somehow something silly to be looked down upon, ‘not real art’. But you know what? I really like these drawings, and they serve as a reminder of where I started. If people are going to be music snobs then that’s their problem.

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