31 Day Project

In August 2013 I came across the idea that maybe a lot of my anxiety to do with making things and showing them to people came from this strong attachment to making things perfect. And, of course, things are never perfect. Not even if you absolutely adhere to your original plan. You will always find ways to adjust and improve on something. Because of this anxiety I found I was putting off starting, and finishing, a lot of projects because I think I was somehow afraid I wouldn’t like the outcome. Also, I wasn’t disciplining myself in any way. So, for a month, I decided to make something every day. In some cases this meant finishing projects, in some cases I just did sketches, and in some I thought up and completed whole new pieces of artwork. Artwork which now hangs on my wall, so impressed and surprised I am by it. This is my gallery of those 31 days in August, some of it is boring, some of the projects just remind me of how many years I worked on them, but I’m glad I did this month. It serves as a reminder that I can finish things, and I can create things, and I can overcome my anxiety over making something absolutely perfect. Now, I’m pretty sure I know to follow an idea, make it and move on. Or, at least, I know that if I don’t, I might waste years on something that I don’t even like in the end.

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