Thin jumpers
Short pyjama bottoms
Cold feet

The female wardrobe
Has been designed
By idiots

With thin socks, to fit in slim shoes
Tight jeans, to hug curves
And low tops, to show off our busts – badly!

Our sizes are
A nonsense
Of undefined numbers

The curve
Of a woman’s waist
Is not a shared certainty

Oh! To be a man
And to dress
So snugly

No wonder men
Worry less
About their bodies

I would worry less
If my clothes fitted
And my feet were warm

Women’s clothing, so they say
Was designed
To expose us

Putting our secrets on show
For men to see
For approval to be given

For them
I shop in the men’s section

Where they keep all the fabric
That they cut
From our clothes

They should worry more
Now I can dress like them
Now that I have pockets!

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