It’s been almost a year since I updated this blog regularly. What with my time being taken over with managing @FilmTVPost and writing for Film Inquiry, also I got a voluntary job AND a part time, I haven’t much time to do anything with it.

Strangely, in its unattended state it’s actually been more popular than ever. Which is nice, but I do feel it’s about time I gave you guys something to come and look at. Luckily I’ve been making plans for a while, and will hopefully have time to execute them now.

You may find a lot of holding pages over the site (as I figure out coding), also the theme has changed to something simpler for the time being until I can make a definite decision. On top of that there are going to be a few big changes. The website is going to be added to and altered over the coming months, but the most important change of all is… drum roll please…

I’m going to be starting a podcast. It will be called ‘Julia & The Joy Of The Film’ and will be all about loving film for what it is. No snobbery, no bitchiness (although I can’t 100% promise that one). Each fortnight I will be having a friend to chat about films they love, but they’ll also be bits of news, maybe a bit of film history. But whatever it is I can promise you it’s gonna be warm and jovial and all about talking about the thing I love most.

Bye for now, it was lovely to chat.


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