The Art Assignment #9: Off

This Art Assignment was set by the artist; Lauren Zoll, who makes art by creating reflections in large black spaces and then photographing the results. Here is the video:

I love this idea, as I’ve always been a big fan of taking photographs or filming reflections. But when this assignment was set my most reflective surfaces were the very small screens on my camera and iPod. Which wasn’t ideal. However, between then and now I have bought a new laptop. And its screen is practically a mirror. I mean, I was annoyed when I realised that my TV wasn’t really as reflective as I thought (it seriously didn’t pick up on anything) but this thing? Well, I am watching my hands typing as we speak. So? A bit annoying? Yeah. But perfect for this assignment.

I originally imagined I would have to make the best of whatever screen I could find so I planned on using lots of colour, so at least some impact would be made. Now, a stuffed green dragon taking a photo of some apples looks a bit weird. Still fun though. 🙂 I also see now I could have fidgeted a bit more with it to get it just right, but frankly, I was lucky. The strong sun kept casting everything into shade (Lauren did say only to use natural light). I like doing things like this. Sort of puts me in place. You think things are so easy. But not so much… By the way, the green dragon is called Hereward. 🙂


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