The Art Assignment #5: Quietest Place

In this Art Assignment the artist, Jace Clayton, challenged us to find the quietest place in our neighbourhood:

This wasn’t the most exciting of the Art Assignments I’ve done. It’s a really good idea if you live in a city, because it takes a certain amount of exploration, and you have to pay close attention to everything going on around you. I live in a small town, there isn’t much noise. Even in the quietest spots there is always the hum of cars in the distance (a lot of people commute through or from our town). And, to me, that hum seems quite loud. When thinking about how I would respond to this assignment I remembered when, a few years ago, I had filmed a short film on top of the mountain that overlooks my town. It was only while filming and then attempting to record additional sounds that I realised how even the, seemingly, most quiet spots are quite noisy when you are paying attention. Still, the point at the top of the mountain was still the most consistently quiet place I knew of. The mountain also has a great view, which I felt like it was worth sharing. After I recorded ‘the moment’ I realised something quite important. You see, I don’t like the quiet, but I like it at the top of the mountain. Because, as you’ll see in the instagram’s description, the place conjures up so many ideas and memories for me, it seems louder. Well, maybe not loud. Maybe it seems busy. And that’s why I like that spot. Because I feel like I’m somewhere busy, somewhere important, at the centre of something. The internet informs me that you can embed instagrams, but something’s amiss, so for now you’ll have to follow the link below.

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