Sunday Rain

She looked up into the sky. In the barren brightness it seemed the rain could not be seen. Only the … More

The Weight

The shape of him was strangely unmistakable; this ordinary man, this everyman, of average height and average build. A familiar … More


An address scrawled on the back of a bill, the handwriting burning brightly. His handwriting. She took in the tangled … More


I am a tree trapped in my pot. My roots are restless for some wider life. I spread and I … More


I wake into cold, into quiet. The sounds have been swept away by the night. And the waking world has … More

From On Rooftops

I stand on rooftops and watch the revellers applaud their own discoveries; delighted with the depth of their designs. Their … More

Sweet September Sons

Summer’s sun sets and the earth makes a start on its sleep. Schools open and children decide on stationery, while … More


The mist hung heavy on the plate flat fields. Green became grey, disappearing into the distance, stretching into an uncertainty. … More

The Tunnel

Her words fell like dull hollow sounds. Barely perceptible to the people they were meant for; the words dispersed like … More

The Lonely Hollow

Her fingers were glued tight by their tips. She flexed them, bending her knuckles in delight at the surreal surrender … More