Furious Fictions

Frozen in time, locked down by the fiction that I have been forced into. Like a player pushed on to the stage; I am a villain booed by the crowd. What did I do to deserve this? This odd, unforeseen fight. Am I the bad guy? Or do I just feel bad, gagging on the sulphur of your gaslight.

How poorly I was played; a seventh fiddle in your frenzy of friendship. Easy for you to pretend that you were better than me. Writing yourselves parts; to be the first in this fiction. The ones who understood the truth of it all. But how easily you forget what it takes to be a first class person, and to understand; to see how the truth lies.

You fuckers! You nasty little children. First rate shitheads, forging a story to seal my fate. How smug you have been, so proud in your finding of some higher ground. Faking your finery, like children playing at dress up in their parents’ clothes.

You were misled, so you say. Yet your apology has not arrived at my door. Though further fucking falsehoods have found their way. I guess apologies aren’t given as freely as excuses, and your honesty isn’t honestly anything I was expecting. I am done with being your ready entertainment.

I’m going to leave you now, in my memories. As trapped as you are in the real world. And I will write better words than you could make up. Fictions freshly pressed from this nonsense, struck from the spark of your stupidity. What a battle this has been. But though I have bent badly I think I have remained unbroken. Good luck! You’ll need it. Because, you’ll see, history is written by the victors and my words are furious and free.

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